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Arch Golden Aluminum framed mirror M108G

Aluminum framed mirror is very popular bathroom trends now. It is beautiful with many function and make the bathroom with five star feelings.

Features and Benefits

Product Name: Aluminum framed mirror

Mirror Type: 5 mm copper free silver mirror,anti-corrosion

Fingerprint-free environmental common silver mirror

Size:  Customed Size

Standard Sizes for North American

20″W x 30″H     24″W x 36″H      30″W x 42″H

Standard Sizes for Europe

500mm x 700mm   600mm x 900mm    700mm x 900mm  800mm x 1000mm, 900mm x 1200mm

arch gold framed mirror Arch gold alumiunm framed mirror

Why do you choose Aluminum framed mirror?

Bathroom mirrors are not only necessary for a functional bathroom design, but they can add a great level of style and elegance to the design. This is commonly done through the use of beautiful bathroom mirror frames. Bathroom mirror frames come in various different types, each of which bring a great element of design to the area. This guide will go over each type of bathroom mirror frame and how they can be utilized to benefit a bathroom design in terms of both functionality and design.

This Aluminum bathroom mirror will add depth and reflective beauty to any interior in an instant. It adapts to various field, ideal for bathroom, vanity, bedroom, living room, enreyway. Mirror can not only for admire your appearance, but also be a good decoration for the wall.
Framed mirrors are made of premium aluminum alloy and imported mirror materials, the mirror is more durable than those made of wood or rubber. The mirror edge is protected by the Aluminum frame from hurt and ensure beauty.
We provide various sizes and colors to satisfy your demand. There is always one fit for your room. The mirror is a great choice to decorate your wall with this vanity hanging, making space appear larger and brighter.
Each piece of mirror has been polished carefully to avoid injured and metal bracket is pre-install on the back of the mirror. Easy and safe installation will not take a long time. The mirror can be installed horizontally or vertically according to your demand.

Aluminum framed bathroom Mirror is for a classical design.A common mirror frame material is aluminum due to the versatility and strength of the material. In addition, it thrives in a bathroom environment, being very resistant to water. Aluminum bathroom mirror frames generally utilize a metallic sheen or brushed surface, making it easy to incorporate an aluminum frame in essentially any design. In addition, aluminum mirror frames will match with various different silver fixtures or accessories, helping to create a cohesive bathroom design. Because chrome, aluminum and stainless steel are incredibly common in bathroom fixtures and accessories, this will be very easy to accomplish.