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When you use led bathroom mirror, you will never want to use regular mirror.  Led lighted mirror can make bathroom bright and luxury.

LED mirrors  energy saving technology that will keep you running for over 50,000 hours. That’s about 10 years of life for your bathroom LED mirror. Many lighted mirrors have integrated anti-fog systems so you’ll have a crystal clear reflection right out of the shower.  LED bathroom mirrors are a cleaner and sleeker solution.

We think LED mirrors are the future of reflection. Our LED Ligthed mirror have many technology and advantage.

Our LED mirror glass materials technology and advantage.

  1. Mirror materials is environmental glass.
  2. Copper and lead free mirror glass is more clear  than regular mirror.
  3. With excellent polished edge quality.
  4. Explosion firm is at the back of mirror.
  5. Speical anti-corrosion treatment for mirror.
  6. Fingerprint free for frosted mirror area
  7. thickness is 4-6mm.

Our LED mirror light technology and advantage.

  1. Energy saving LED strips with UL, ETL, CE,ROHS and SAA certificate.
  2.  High output waterproof SMD2835, SMD3528, SMD5050 LED. LED can be customized.
  3. LED chips: 60 chips/meter, 120 chips/meter.
  4. Dimmable LED light.
  5. LED CRI>90.
  6. Color temperature: warm white 3000k, natural white 4000k, cold white 6000k.
  7. Brightness: high lumens
  8. LED light is approved for IP44 rate

LED mirror color tempurature.

  1. Warm white refers to a light source in the range of 3000-3200K, natural white refers to a light source in the range of 3500K to 4500K, true cold white refers to a light source in the range of 6000-6500K, and the range of cool white is above 8000K.
  2. Led mirror light color temperature is not a unit representing brightness, which means that color temperature has nothing to do with brightness.

LED smart mirror function and technology

  1. Touch Swift: Innovative LED mirro touch switch control mirror light on and off It can be dimmable as well as color temperature.
  2. Bluetooth speaker: We can  connect to phone to play music. Also we  can have a unique ID and password for lighted mirror bluetooth speaker.
  3. Anti fog mirror: Electric heating pad helps the lighted mirror to clean up the fog from the mirror even the bathroom is wet.
  4. Magnify mirror: Magnifying lighted mirror  is  combined with LED mirror, it helps your makeup to be more conveniently.
  5. Motion swift: Lighted mirror use infrared technology  to automatic turn ON/OFF withhand come or left.
  6. Digital clock: Digital clock to be built in your smart mirror and make it more easy to know time.
  7. Shaver socket:   shaver socket is combined with your mirror or mirror cabinet, It is a good function to have shaver.
  8. Smart TV: TV integrated into lighted mirror is smart and highlights in bathroom mirrors with future trends. It can be with Android system to be a smart mirror like computer.